Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Renyahloid on my birthday!

Hello all It have been long time I'm not active on this blog XD
okay maybe this is OOT, but I think this is still Renyahloid related XD
Last two weeks was my birthday, June 16th. and my friends give me many gifts art and some of them drew my UTAU OwO I'll post their lovely art here!

1. Chrisilla Rei by riecchan-eriine
 2. Tsubasane Kira & Izumi Kia by kairihiiragizawa
 3. Chrisilla Rei by VerentheBRS
 4. Izumi Kia by UnknowStarX

Yesh I think thats all .. they're lovely aren't they? >w<

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